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Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre 2015 View Full Story Minimize
March 26, 2015 | Glenn Peterson
Open by Appointment only in 2015 To our many partners, interested members and friends, past clients and our loyal followers; due to our financial situation, it is with great sadness that we announce that the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre will be open by appointment only for the summer of 2015. Please call Glenn Peterson @ 204.453.3182 if you would like to arrange a visit, event or field trip and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request! If you have any contributions or suggestions to help keep this beautiful facility open, please call Glenn ANYTIME or email: We always appreciate your feedback. Thanks for your continued support!

Carving at Sandilands View Full Story Minimize
August 01, 2013 |
In the spring of 2013, a partnership was formed between Walter “The Timberman” Keller, Russ Kubara, Agassiz Chainsaw Sculptors, and the MFA to build on the legacy left by Walter and others at our Sandilands Forest Discovery Centres’ 2011 Art In The Forest Project and provide an outdoor classroom-type setting for instruction and future carvers use! In June a Chainsaw sculpting weekend workshop camp was held and many wonderful works of art were created by the participants. Plans are already underway for next year!

Then in July a Wood Spirit Workshop was held at the Centre – centred on the Sagimay Trail, to build on those events and utilize a number of the sites damaged and broken trees. The Centre’s forests and trees sustained heavy damage and breakage during a snow storm in early October 2012, we feel the carvings are a perfect way to show the resilience and beauty that still exists in the area. A number of sculptors have left a wonderful legacy for future visitors to Centre and these artists (and anyone else interested) have been invited back to continue their work or start new ones!

Plans are also underway for an event in 2014 where the public will hopefully be able to view the works as they evolve!

So come on out to the centre and enjoy the new Spirits of the Forest!
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