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Last Updated: March 23, 2012


Manitoba Conservation Forestry Branch
Natural Resources Canada, Candian Forest Service
Winnipeg Urban Forestry Branch
Canadian Forestry Association
Trees Winnipeg
Counsel for Forestry Promotion and Recruitment, Go Forestry
Tree Canada
United Nations Environment Program Tree Campaign

Centre for International Forestry Research

Attached Documents:

Field Guide to Manitoba Native Trees

Canada Forestry Association Teaching Guides:

Volume 1: Canada's Forests - Learning from the Past, Buiding for the Future
Volume 1: Les forêts du Canada - apprendre du passé, bâtir pour l’avenir
Theme: Canada's Forest Heritage
Grade level: 1-12

Volume 2: Canada's Forests - A Breath of Fresh Air
Volume 2: Les forêts du Canada - une bouffée d’air frais
Theme Climate Change
Grade level: 1-12

Volume 3: Canada's Forests - All things Big and Small
Volume 3: Les forêts du Canada - de la puce au géant
Theme: Biodiversity
Grade Level: 1-7

Volume 4: Canada's Forests - Source of Life
Volume 4: Les forêts du Canada - source de vie
Theme: Forest Sustainability
Grade level: 4-7

Volume 5: Canada's Forests - A Fine Balance
Volume 5: Les forêts du Canada - un équilibre fragile
Theme: Species at Risk
Grade level: 4-12

Volume 6: Canada's Forests and Wetlands - Our Natural Water Filters
Volume 6: Les forêts et les terres humides du Canda - les purificateurs naturels de notre eau
Theme: Forests and Water
Grade level: Kindergarten -12

Volume 7: The Boreal Forest - A Global Legacy 
Volume 7: La forêt boréale - un heritage mondial
Theme: Boreal Forest
Grade level: Kindergarten-12

Volume 8: The Boreal Forest - Tradition and Transition 
Volume 8: La forêt boréale canadienne - tradition et transition
Theme: Canada's Boreal Forest
Grade level: Kindergarten-10

Manitobe Model Forest Teaching Units:

Interactions within Forest Ecosystems - Grade 7 Science Unit

Sustainable Forest Ecosystems - Grade 10 Sceince Unit
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Forest Ecology
Chapter 2: Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems
Chapter 3: Sustainable Forest Management

The Wonderful World of the Boreal Woodland Caribou (English)
Le monde merveilleux du caribou des bois de la forêt boréale (French)

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