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Last Updated: May 05, 2017

What to study for the 2017 Envirothon Theme is: Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship 

Provincial Competition:  Study ALL of the resources listed on this page

Regional Competition: Focus your studying to the Resources marked * *

Manitoba Learning Outcomes (NEW - Feb. 23, 2017) 

Manitoba Theme Training PowerPoint (NEW - March 24, 2017)**

Provincial Supporting Resources to PowerPoint: (NEW MAY 5, 2017)

Livestock Wintering

Sustainable Food

Riparian Grazing - Bank Stability

Riparian Grazing - Plans

Study Materials: * * (NEW - February 6, 2017)

Other Resources:

NCF Envirothon Theme Documents 

will provide the students with the NCF perspectives on the issue. 


Thanks and credit to all the authors and contributors to this material!  

Comments should be sent to:


Did you know that students may be eligible to receive school credits for their participation in Envirothon? For full details on how to obtain a School Initiated Course or Student Initiated Program credit please refer to the Locally Developed Curricula document from Manitoba Education.

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