Nature Trails

Take a walk in the woods and get back to nature! There are three unique trails at the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre, providing enjoyment and instruction on tree identification, forest ecology, sustainable forest management and the natural history of the surrounding area.

The Sagimay Trail
(Sagimay – means big mosquito)

This 0.5 km trail extends through three distinct forest communities;

  • an aspen forest with its silt clay soils
  • a moist bog with balsam fir and eastern white cedar, and
  • well drained sandy soils where jack pine and white spruce dominate.

Visitors can view changes in the texture, color and dampness of the soils and the corresponding changes in the types of trees and vegetation growing on it.

A pamphlet is available to aid visitors in the identification of some of the more common tree species in the area.

The Pine Ridge Trail

This 2.5 km trail, wanders through a pine forest.

The Old Beaver Dam Trail

The Old Beaver Dam Trail offers some excellent opportunities to observe and learn about the variety of flora and fauna which make up the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre. The 0.8 km loop trail will lead you through a variety of forest types from the aspen, ash and maple typical of the parkland belt to jack pine and white spruce of the boreal forest.

Be sure to pick up a self-guiding trail brochure at the trail head. It will guide you and draw your attention to points of interest along the way. As you walk down the steps, you will cross the “Beaven Suspension Bridge” named in honour of Dr. Alan Beaven, a pioneer in the field of forest conservation in western Canada. Dr. Beaven was the driving force behind the development of the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre, and the Beaven Bridge is one of the few suspension bridges in Manitoba.

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