Getting Started

The Manitoba Envirothon is an annual hands-on environmental education competition for high school students, designed to encourage team work, problem-solving skills, and public speaking skills while fostering an appreciation for current environmental issues.

Manitoba Envirothon combines the exhilaration of team competition, the challenge of learning about environmental issues, and the experience of using this knowledge in hands-on activities. This approach to environmental education helps students develop skills necessary to address environmental issues, such as team work, problem-solving, critical thinking, and public debate.

Click Here to watch a short video illustrating What is Manitoba Envirothon.

The Manitoba Forestry Association (MFA) has delivered Manitoba Envirothon since 1997. Over the past two decades the program has grown to include over 3,200 participating students to date!

How it works:

  1. Select an advisor: Every Manitoba Envirothon team needs an advisor. An advisor can be a high school teacher, or youth leader who becomes the team leader and performs such activities as registering the team, distributing resource materials, organizing team meetings, etc.
  2. Create a team: An Manitoba Envirothon team is composed of five grade 9-12 students. There are a number of ways that teams are chosen. Some are self-selected students who have a particular interest in environmental issues, while others compete within their school for a place on the team. Team members are found in environmental studies classes, environmental clubs, and outdoor education classes.
  3. Register and pay fee: Once an advisor is identified he/she should talk to the appropriate people in your school about the registration fee – $100 for the regional event and $700 (2018 cost for identified teams – TBD for the provincial event) and missing days of school. The regional competition involves missing one day of school, and the provincial competition involves missing two (or more for 2018?)  days of school.
  4. Prepare: Visit this website regularly for instructions and details about your team’s participation in Manitoba Envirothon. Media release and medical forms will be posted on this website and your team must fill these out in order to participate in a Manitoba Envirothon event.
  5. Study: The team will use the resources posted on this website to study and prepare for the Manitoba Envirothon.

Make a Donation

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