Private Land Resource Planning

The Manitoba Forestry Association (MFA) has been delivering a Woodlot Program since 1992 throughout the Eastern, Interlake, and Swan River Valley regions of the province. Over 1200 management plans have been delivered.

In 2012, the MFA’s Private Land Resource Planning (PLRP) replaced the Woodlot Program and now offers services to private landowners across the Province.

PLRP promotes sustainable woodlot management for environmental, economic, and social benefits through the delivery of personalized and comprehensive resource management plans in combination with skill development training and forestry services.

PLRP will provide technical information on a wide variety of forest resources including: forest health, wildlife, recreation, harvesting, value added, tree planting, non-timber forest products, etc.

PLRP is changing private landowners attitudes towards the need for active forest management. Ownership alone will not ensure long term forest ecosystem health!


PLRP offers a variety of management plan types to meet the goals and objectives of the landowner, whether it is tree planting, forest health, wildlife enhancement, recreational or economic opportunities.

Training and Extension:

PLRP offers a wide array of training opportunities to build capacity of forestry related skills that support and promote sustainable forest management. This is accomplished through skill based training such as chainsaw safety courses or education based training such as workshops and seminars.

Forestry Services:

PLRP offers a number of additional services to landowners and organizations on a fee for service basis. The services provided extend beyond the production of a plan and can include harvest block layout, tree marking, log scaling, forest renewal and shelterbelt establishment, trail development and GIS mapping.


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