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Special Event Seedlings

Tree seedlings make unique keepsakes for a variety of events such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, funerals, corporate events, workshops, etc.

We provide white spruce seedlings for your event. White spruce was chosen as our special events seedling because it is Manitoba’s provincial tree and it can grow in a variety of locations throughout Manitoba and Canada. White spruce grows in full sunlight or shade and all soils types.

Please note the tree seedlings will have a 5 inch root plug and are approximately 5 to 8 inches in height.

Seedlings to give out at the events (Options 1 to 4 below) are available for dates within April to mid-October. For seedlings given out in April / early-May, they should be planted in small pots with adequate drainage, i.e. hole in pot or a layer of gravel, until outdoor conditions are suitable for planting, usually a few weeks after the last frost. Tree seedlings should be watered regularly but do not need to be fertilized.

For winter events, which fall outside of the planting season, you can purchase trees planted this coming spring on behalf of your guests to commemorate your event. Please see Option 5 below for more details.

There are a several options to choose from:

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